Madeira 40 Weight Rayon

Madeira Rayon is another German-made thread. We have all of the thread in four sizes:

- 220 yd/200 meter snap spools made to fit in the small Madeira Treasure Chest
- 1100 yd/1000 meter snap spools made to fit in the large Madeira Treasure Chest
- 1100 yd/1000 meter commercial spools wound on a tube, many of which have a spool end cap on them
- 5500 yd/5000 meter king spools or cones

The Rayon embroidery thread is the same on all of these spools, it is just made available in these 4 put-ups. All of this madeira 40 weight rayon embroidery thread is 40 Weight Rayon. All colors are not available in the snap spool put-ups. Only the snap spools have color names. The others are considered commercial only and are not named. If you want spools to fit your Madeira Treasure Chest, make sure you choose the snap spools. If you don't see the snap spools on the page with several different colors, click on the title to a color you want and select the snap spool. If a color does not show snap spools, they are not available for that color. There are no quantity discounts for snap spools. Prices are being updated on the snap spools that fit in the Treasure Chests. The correct price for the 220 yd snap spools is $3.55 and for the 1100 yd snap spools, the correct price is $5.80. The prices should show up correctly in your shopping cart, but may not display properly on the individual spools.

Quantity discounts can be made up of any combination of Madeira 40 Weight solid color rayon embroidery thread on the commercial spools only. You cannot mix spool types or spool sizes or weights for quantity discounts. Variegated threads, 5500 yd spools and threads with snap spools for Treasure Chests are not included for quantity discounts

1100 Yard Solid Color Spools:
1 to 15 spools are $4.20 ea
16 to 30 spools are $4.05 ea
31 or more spools are $3.95 each

Prices many not have been updated to display properly on individual spools, but the above prices apply to all Madeira 1100 yd commercial Rayon Spools. Discounts are automatically calculated by the website and will show up with the correct pricing in your shopping cart. Many of the 5500 yd spools are special order items and may require extra time for delivery. We do not keep these in stock. If you want a 5500 yd spool of rayon embroidery thread available for immediate delivery, see the Robison-Anton 40 Weight Rayon Thread. Spool end caps are included on most, but not all spools. Additional spool end caps are available under Sprays and Notions > Other Notions.

Robison-Anton 40 Weight Rayon ThreadRobison-Anton 40 Weight Rayon Thread
Robison-Anton 40 Weight Rayon Thread
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Elegance by Marcia Pollard
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